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Florida Learners Permit - Drug and Alcohol Course
Learners Permit Packages: Basic
Drug and Alcohol Course X X X
DMV Practice Permit Test X X X
DMV Written Exam*      
Audio Express Feature X X X
Parent Monitoring Program X X X
Dangers of Distracted Driving   X X
Dangers of Agressive Driving     X
Dangers of Speeding     X
Teen Defensive Driving Course     X
Driver Education Parent Handbook   X X
Teen Driving Log   X X
Parent Teen Driving Contract X X X
Safe Driving Newsletter X X X
  Learner Permit
Learners Permit and DMV Practice Test
Learners Permit Value Package

Best Value Package!

Also includes 1 year access to the following online courses:

  • » Teen Defensive Driving Course
  • » Dangers of Speeding
  • » Dangers of Aggressive Driving
  • » Dangers of Distracted Driving

Florida Learners Permit Course

Our driver education program helps new drivers get their learner's permits and begin the process of learning to operate a motor vehicle. With 20 years of experience in the driver safety industry, we've designed our program to provide new drivers with the resources and knowledge to become responsible, safe drivers.

Valuable tools like a Teen Driving Contract, Driver Education Parent Handbook, and Teen Driving Log help both the new driver and parent take these first steps with confidence.

Step 1: Complete the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

All first time drivers must have a certificate of completion from a Drug and Alcohol Course (also known as Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education or TLSAE) before the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will issue a Florida learner's permit. The required four-hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness course helps teens understand the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving ability.

We offer this course as part of our Basic, Plus and Premium Packages.

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Step 2: Prepare for your DMV Exam with a Practice Test - Prep Course

The DMV learner's permit exam is more difficult than most new drivers think. Forty percent of Floridians fail the written test at the DMV the first time they take it. The DMV Practice Test Course gives teens the best chance of passing the test the first time.

Our learner's permit packages include access to hundreds of questions and answers that may be found on the DMV written exam test, along with detailed explanations, so answering questions incorrectly is part of the learning experience.

The National Safety Commission provides the DMV Test Prep Course online, so it is convenient and easy to use. Our students can log in anytime to take practice tests until they feel confident about taking the written exam.

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Step 3: Take your Florida Learner's Permit DMV Written Exam

The Florida DMV exam consists of 40 questions, 20 on road rules and 20 on road signs. Each question must be answered within 50 seconds, or it will be counted as incorrect.

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Florida Online Traffic School

If you received a traffic ticket in Florida, take the Basic Driver Improvement course to avoid points on your driving record.

Protect your Driving Record

  • Stop your insurance rates from being increased
  • Stop points from being added to your license
  • Satisfy your mandatory traffic school requirement

In Florida, you have an option that allows you to attend a traffic school to avoid points on your license or an insurance premium increase. If you are guilty of the offense, this is probably the best option for you. You will still have to pay your traffic fine but you may find that you receive a discount on your fine for electing traffic school.

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